Barnaby Joyce ambush by The Project journalist Hamish Macdonald

Independent Adam Blakester thought the paper trail needed to back up what was being said.

"There are contradictions in their stories about not having an involvement and relying on the advice of the department and the Queensland government that have been refuted by the relevant State Minister in Queensland," Mr Blakester said.

"There are very valid questions around what value for money taxpayers have gotten from $80 million purchasing water that is nicknamed ghost-water because we might never see a drop of it."

Hamish Macdonald in Armidale to talk watergate with Barnaby

Barnaby Joyce was ambushed by The Project's Hamish Macdonald outside Armidale's early voting centre on Monday. Mr Joyce was an hour and a half late to hand out how to vote cards at the first pre-poll centre to open in New England and was talking to The Armidale Express, when the Channel 10 program arrived.