The purpose of the Bush Telegraph is to increase the level of interest and engagement with the priorities for the country heading into the upcoming federal election.

This is an incredibly important election due to the myriad crises ranging from water and water governance, the lack of national strategy for the future of farming, ecosystem collapses (Murray Darling and Great Barrier Reef), failing energy transition, an unprecedented cluster of Royal Commissions.

There are strengths and opportunities too. At a time when cities are congested and costly, the country way of life has real appeal. We are increasingly diverse and creative communities. So too are our economies, with opportunities in renewable energy, light manufacturing, the future of farming, knowledge-based services and more.

There is a valid question to ask whether the country is getting its fair share of government and public support and investment to meet its needs and realise these opportunities. We want to be future makers not future takers.

All of this is contributing to a serious disengagement and disenfranchisement with political and public governance, which is exacerbated by clear conflicts of interest, incompetence and countless accusations of corruption.

For the reasons and more, we believe it is incredibly important to do democracy, not politics, and speak with our friends, family and work mates about their priorities for the upcoming election.

Within this discussion, we are also wanting to speak about Team Blakester’s independent campaign for the New England Electorate.

This strategy, of working the bush telegraph (phone, email, social media and face-to-face discussions), is essential to the possible success of our campaign. It also side-steps a palpable dynamic in our electorate particularly where people have become afraid of openly speaking about their views, thoughts and feelings for fear of retribution or being berated.

Without it, we are unlikely to achieve the reach and profile which is required to earn the trust, confidence and votes of 55,000 electors!


The envisaged process is quite simply speaking with half a dozen or more good friends, family or work colleagues about their view on the election and what their priorities are. While we envisage these conversations being mostly a simple phone call, it could also be in person with people you bump into, over email or through social media.

The key point is that these conversations are intended to be safe and easy. We aren’t seeking to evangelise, debate or coerce. Rather, we are looking for open and straight-forward discussions. This is doing democracy, not politics.

If you find that the conversation becomes difficult, unsafe, conflicted, argumentative or the like, our preference is to simply thank the person for their time and leave them to working through the election issues in their own way. They are of course entirely welcome to contact Adam direct if they have particular ideas, questions or concerns that they wish to raise.

For anyone you speak with who is interested in the upcoming federal election, we’d like you to encourage them to submit their Top 3 Priorities for the New England Policy Platform:


For anyone who has a professional or community role and interest in the policy priorities - be that as a paid, pro-bono or volunteer person - we are also interested to receive any facts, statistics or evidence they can provide for our policy-making as a submission here:


Lastly, we would welcome anyone who is interested to follow our campaign to sign up here:


Useful Resources

The campaign website - https://www.adamblakester.vote/ - is the most useful resource. It includes details about:

  • Adam’s independent campaign, community and professional background
  • The New England Policy Platform and participatory policy making process
  • Events, forums, news and activities
  • How to volunteer and get involved with the campaign

We are working on a new section for answers to Frequently Asked Questions and responses to Frequently Made Assertions. We’ll let you know as soon as this is up. Please take notes and let us know about any additional questions or assertions that come up frequently.

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