My profession is variously described as a change facilitator, sustainability strategist, project developer and strategic advisor. Building on my broad background in the business, finance, law, environmental, social and community sectors, my roles have ranged from local, national to international responsibilities and from relatively straightforward to highly complex endeavours.

I have worked with all tiers of government and political affiliations. I understand very well that supporting community needs is not and should not be related to politics, but to sound community-backed and evidence-based public priorities.

My early career was in finance, taxation, business and corporate law. This began in middle market advisory services with KPMG while concurrently studying part-time at the University of New South Wales. Following this, I moved into the business sector as a Financial Controller for Michael Willesee’s Trans Media Group and later Rural Press’s North Queensland Radio Network.

I have been involved in local sustainability initiatives spanning infrastructure and service-delivery funding, renewable energy, reconciliation, youth development, regenerative farming, affordable and social housing, business sustainability, community transport, mental health, addiction recovery, landscape restoration, entrepreneurism, collaborative governance, place-based service delivery, infrastructure, and professional leadership and development.

Initially, I worked on projects as a freelance contractor. However, my portfolio of projects grew and some of the larger projects - such as Farming the Sun and the New England Sustainability Strategy - required the formation of an organisation. This led to the establishment of Starfish Enterprises in 2012 (later renamed Starfish Initiatives).

Prior to founding Starfish Initiatives, I was the National Executive Officer of NAPCAN. I worked for 12 years with Greenpeace in governance, strategy, finance and communications roles at international, national (Australia) and regional (Australia Pacific) levels.

I have held advisory committee roles with the University of New England  Student Association (UNESA), National Child Protection Clearinghouse and Wellbeing Australia; and directorships with Greenpeace Australia Pacific, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, Families Australia, Lock the Gate, Myall Creek Memorial and the Mineral Policy Institute. I am also an active member of the Great Transition Initiative.