Donation - policy

Our philosophy

Being honest and open about donations, and my campaign finances more generally, is key to the integrity of my candidacy and campaign. This is especially important to ensure and show that I am free from any conflicts of interest. I am committed to being free to lead and act in the best interests of our electorate and country. Nothing else.

Donor disclosure and declaration

To help me prove my genuine independence, I am asking that all donors acknowledge that they agree to there being no conditions or requirements they make of me in exchange for their donation.

I am also asking donors to consider making their name public (last name, initial of their first name and their suburb/location). This is a voluntary option, other than for large donors who are reported to the Australian Electoral Commission (as explained below).

I also invite you to consider making a short statement about why you are donating to support my candidacy. This is optional. The statements will be moderated in case anyone gets carried away with what they say!

No corporate donations

Because of this, I do not want to take any cash donations from corporations, companies or organisations more generally. Small and token contributions of in-kind or pro-bono support are most welcome though.

Overseas donors

In accordance with Australian Electoral Law, foreign donations of up to $1,000 only are allowed.

How will donations be used?

Any and all donations will only be used for the costs of my 2019 Federal Election campaign for the seat of New England. The main costs areas are for marketing, personnel, travel, events and computer and communication systems.

Any donated funds left over at the end of the campaign will be placed in a trust fund for further work on building democracy for real representation in the New England.


Donations received include both gifts of money and gifts-in-kind or discounted services or goods. In-kind and discounts will be be disclosed for an amount that reflects the fair value, i.e. the normal commercial or sale value of the item or service as evidenced by arms-length transaction or comparative quotations or expert assessment.

All donations from an individual totalling $13,801 (the threshold) or more are required to be reported to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), including the donors full name and address. The lodgement of this information to the AEC, as part of the Candidate Return, is required within 15 weeks of the close of election polling.

A donor who makes a donation, or donations totalling, in excess of this disclosure threshold, is also required to lodge an Election Donor Return. For details, go to the AEC website here.

The Candidate Return will also include the:

  • Total number of donors
  • Total value of all donations received, and
  • Details of electoral expenditure incurred in relation to the election.

The disclosure period for the collection of this information commenced on the date that the candidacy was announced, i.e. Thursday 21 February 2019.

Tax deductibility

The terms and conditions for the tax deductibility of your donation are details on the Australian Taxation Office website here.

In simple terms, donations of more than $2 and up to $1,500 are tax deductible if they are made during the period of time after the candidates for the election are officially declared and before the election result is officially declared or announced.