Environmental Health & Resilience

Challenges relating to environmental health range from local to global. My aim is to work towards a healthier and more resilient environment in the New England Region and the nation, supporting Australia’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, a just transition for workers in the thermal coal sector, and at the same time addressing local issues such as air quality in Armidale and the Upper Hunter.

  • Pursue the creation of national legislation (Climate Change Act), strategy and funding to implement the Paris Climate Change Accord and achieve the objective of keeping anthropogenic temperature rises to no more than a global average of 1.5ºC and:
    • call for a national plebiscite to establish long-term public support for this legislation
    • support the reinstatement of the Climate Council as the governing body for the implementation of the legislation.
    • create regional zero-net emissions transition plans for every federal electorate, including extensive community energy initiatives to strengthen energy literacy and capacity plus maximise community participation and benefit sharing
    • support new national housing and building standards, with a national program to upgrade and solarise existing homes and buildings
    • create regional climate risk and adaptation plans for every federal electorate
    • support the review and re-alignment of the Emissions Reduction Fund to be consistent with this strategy.
    • support the review and enhancement of ARENA, CEFC and the Renewable Energy Target in line with the above strategy, and
    • see also just and fair transition support detailed above.
    • see also Mining for Energy Position Statement

  • Pursue the establishment of a national strategy and funding to abate and address critically endangered and endangered animals, habitats and ecological communities plus:
    • including the conservation and expansion of landscape-scale corridor networks such as the Travelling Stock Routes & Reserves, Gondwana Link and Great Eastern Ranges Initiative,
    • including allowance for considerable citizen-science and First Peoples and community-based custodianship and stewardship initiatives, and
    • seeking innovative solutions for invasive animals and species as well as biosecurity risks.
  • Seek funding and other required changes to address air quality pollution and associated public health problems for the Upper Hunter and Armidale communities.
  • Pursue the establishment of a national strategy and funding to address resource recovery, recycling and waste.
  • Seek to create an Environment Commission with independent, expert authority and responsibility for the above matters.
  • Review and restore an appropriate level of national funding to support the Environmental Defenders Office’s independent public advocacy and education work as a national community legal centre.