Preferential Voting Explained

This is Australia, not America - You can't waste your vote.  With deep thanks to  Patrick Alexander at  Continue reading

How can an independent MP be effective and influential?

History has shown that independent MPs, through their role in the Australian Parliament, can achieve significant results both for their electorate and for the country. Continue reading

What do you stand for? What is your policy platform?

Adam’s desire is to truly represent the electorate as a genuine independent, free from the interests of party politics and the influence of big business, mining and donors. Continue reading

What preference deals have you made?

Adam is a genuine independent candidate, always acting for and in the best interests of the New England Electorate Continue reading

How will you deal with a possible hung parliament situation?

In the event that the 2019 Election results in a hung parliament, Adam will return to the electorate to discuss and develop a negotiation position based on what is best for New England. Adam will form this position based on the further input from the electorate about the nature and mix of the parliament. What is most key is how we could use such negotiations to advance the electorate’s priorities. Continue reading

What is your relationship with Tony Windsor?

Tony Windsor has no formal role in Adam’s campaign or candidacy. Continue reading