Federal election 2019: Barnaby Joyce to face challenge from seven contenders in the seat of New England

By his own definition, Mr Blakester is a man of many hats, having worked across "finance, business, environmental, social and community areas over the last 30 years, from local through to international roles".

And while he's worked "alongside thousands of politicians and hundreds of government departments", he's never been directly involved in politics.

"I've never been a member of a party and I've not worked inside government," Mr Blakester said.

He's stripping his campaign right down to a grassroots level, and based his policy platform off more than "5000 one-on-one conversations" with individuals across the electorate.

Seven contenders to challenge Barnaby Joyce's hopes for third-term re-election in New England

EIGHT people have put themselves forward as candidates to be the next member for New England. The incumbent Nationals MP, Barnaby Joyce, is seeking to be re-elected for his third term. He'll face off against three independents in Adam Blakester, Rob Taber and Natasha Ledger, Labor candidate Yvonne Langenberg, the Clive Palmer-backed Cindy Duncan, the Greens' Tony Lonergan and the Christian Democrats' Julie Collins.