First Peoples

I will seek support and funding that continue to strengthen the wellbeing, opportunities and respect for our First Peoples through Closing the Gap, truth telling and reconciliation.

My aim is for Australia’s First People to be recognised for their substantial contribution to the development of our nation. Their ancient culture has formed a foundation that helps all Australians deeply connect with our beautiful and sacred country.

  • Support the incorporation of cultural and inter-cultural competency into government and government-based services.
  • Ensure that the various initiatives to achieve equivalent health, education and economic wellbeing outcomes are adequately resourced with needs-based funding and are effectively implemented to achieve these targets.
  • Support the further development of caring for country custodianship and enterprise including Indigenous Protection Areas, management of National Parks and Indigenous Ranger programs.
  • Seek co-funding and support for the creation of the Myall Creek Centre for Reconciliation.
  • Support Constitutional Recognition and the creation of a national day of celebration which is inclusive of all Australians.
  • Seek support to establish a national Truth and Conciliation Commission and build on this as a key underpinning to further the national dialogue about creating treaties with the Aboriginal Nations.
  • Pursue and independent inquiry into the impacts and solutions for displaced peoples.