International Relations, Defence & Security

Australia is a global citizen which must meet our humanitarian commitment - supporting developing countries and displaced citizens while at the same time recognising threats to our way of life. We must accept that our actions on the international stage have consequences, both positive and negative.

  • Seek a strategic review of Australia’s security in regard to meeting its essential needs for
    • energy and fuel reserves, including the benefits of electrification of transport and green hydrogen production
    • food and water
    • on-shore manufacturing, and
    • financial capital.

  • Pursue the creation of open and transparent foreign ownership registers of land, water, property, infrastructure and equities.
  • Support Australia’s pro-active and constructive involvement in addressing the global displacement of people, particularly:
    • the root causes and drivers of displacement
    • supporting the provision of safe refuge and new livelihoods for displaced peoples, including humanitarian refugees, and
    • review the effectiveness and value-for-money of the current Border Force, regional processing and other related border security arrangements.