Liveability, Social & Community Infrastructure

Our communities should be vibrant centres focusing on quality of life supported by community, sporting, recreation and cultural facilities, programs and activities.

Our communities – large and small – should be attractive options for new residents who choose to relocate here, as well as for our existing residents who should be able to enjoy the lifestyle of their choice through to their senior years.

Seek to initiate a national dialogue and process to develop a national culture of community wellbeing, creativity, diversity and inclusion. The cultural diversity of the region is remarkable and an extraordinary asset. Armidale is particularly diverse, with some seventy language groups, reflecting the global reach of the University of New England plus research agencies, technology companies and advisory firms.

Pursue the creation of a national strategy to achieve gender respect and equity and to address gender-related discrimination, violence, injustice, inequity and the underlying cultural, legal and structural biases.

Seek support and funding for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the range of community, sporting, recreation and cultural facilities, libraries, programs and activities – for each of the cities and all the towns, villages and localities throughout the Electorate. Local government funding for these will be enabled in part by addressing the structural short-fall in infrastructure funded (see below).

Similarly, seek support to assess the feasibility and benefits of major proposed new projects and developments, as well as funding as appropriate, particularly:

  • Armidale Mall Vibrancy Plan and Performing Arts Centre
  • NERAM upgrade to effectively conserve and showcase its nationally-significant art collection
  • Tamworth Aquatic Centre, Performing Arts & Cultural Centre, and Astronomy Centre
  • The Living Classroom & The Carbon Farm, Bingara, and
  • Rail trail corridors (Tamworth to Barraba, Armidale to Wallangara).

 Support the continued independence and ensure adequate funding for the ABC, SBS and community broadcasters.