Joyce spends final day visiting home town, independent says vote for change

Independent Adam Blakester was "excited and pleased" with the support he had received, and said the result could go either way. "I don't think anyone can read it," he said. "Voters have a real opportunity here to have a real voice in Canberra. "It's bigger than just me, it's dozens of us working to nut out the big issues - water, climate change, the economic development and diversification of the region." Continue reading

Inverell residents head to the polling booths

Current federal member Barnaby Joyce is well in the running to secure his seat for another term, however voters have identified independent Adam Blakester as another popular option Continue reading

After watergate, will Barnaby Joyce lose New England to an independent?

In Saturday’s upcoming election, Joyce is widely expected to stroll to victory. But there’s a new independent candidate in New England — one who local papers say is shaping this poll into a “two-horse race”. Who is Adam Blakester, and does he have a chance at wresting away Joyce’s safe seat? Continue reading

Barnaby Joyce 'helping his neighbours' less than a week out from federal election

Independent candidate for New England Adam Blakester said it was "perplexing" to learn his electoral adversary was campaigning on the coast. "This last week, for me, is about trying to have much contact across the electorate as I can," Mr Blakester said. "I thought he would have been here." Mr Blakester was manning the pre-polling booth in Tenterfield on Monday and planned to be in Bingara tomorrow. "Our sense is that a lot of people, the National Party included, feel like they're in an unbeatable position, but we're going to work hard until 6pm on Saturday night on a very sound policy platform and a capable team in the electorate," he said. Continue reading

Blakester's dozen: Independent's policy points of difference

INDEPENDENT New England candidate Adam Blakester has further refined his collaborative policy platform, which has been created with input from the community. Mr Blakester said his focus has been on finding the "baker's dozen" for the electorate. "The feedback we're getting is that we're on the right track," Mr Blakester said. Continue reading

Barnaby Joyce proves unpopular at the Armidale Meet the Candidate Forum

Barnaby Joyce was not the popular choice at Armidale's Meet the Candidates Forum held at The Armidale City Bowling Club on Thursday night, and Adam Blakester certainly presented as a credible Independent candidate Continue reading

Federal Election 2019: Independents band together to take on political parties

Prominent independent candidates in the federal election — many of whom pose a real threat to incumbent Coalition MPs — are pledging to work together cooperatively in the new parliament, saying the time for political parties is moving on. Continue reading

Minds made up: thousands cast an early vote at pre-poll

Mr Blakester said along with the length of pre-polling, digital voting had to be considered. "With the technology at our disposal, we are able to move massive sums of money securely, but we are still using this 19th century system to vote," he said. Mr Blakester has been popping in to pre-polling booths whenever possible, but has been focusing more on "forums and meet-and greet events". "I'm not trying to convince anyone in 30 seconds," Mr Blakester said. "I'm after that more substantial discussion, so we can really talk about the issues." Continue reading

New party is born, Abbott says, as go-it-alone candidates join forces

Oliver Yates in Kooyong, Kevin Mack in Farrer, Huw Kingston in Hume, Ray Kingston in Mallee, Adam Blakester in New England and Jeremy Miller in Lyne are also involved. Continue reading

Federal election candidates face voters at Inverell debate

Mr Blakester took the mic saying "as an independent I think there is a stereotype we make a wish list of promises but as an accountant I am incredibly careful." "My view is we need to sort out the tape red, green and a new one I've named magenta which is all the people stuff." Continue reading