New England Labor's Yvonne Langenberg wants to keep APVMA, but the party isn't so sure

Independent candidate Adam Blakester also wants the APVMA to remain put.


"I think we have to do the best we can to complete it in a positive way, and get it back to functioning properly. It was appallingly handled, which is unfortunate because regionalisation of government and business is a critical economic development strategy for Australia."

Labor candidate wants to keep APVMA, but her party isn't so sure

WHILE Labor is yet to make a decision on the APVMA's future in Armidale, the party's New England candidate said she would fight to keep it in the city. Labor has been extremely critical of the relocation of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, and has suggested it may move the government agency back to Canberra if the party wins the election.