Announcing my candidacy

Since announcing my candidacy as your independent in the upcoming federal election, I’ve been out and about talking to as many people as I can about how I can provide genuinely ethical and consultative representation to the people of the New England Electorate



My team and I have spoken personally with over 1,000 people and have received an overwhelmingly positive response to what I’m trying to achieve – taking YOUR voices to Canberra.

If you would like to know where I’ll be next, check the coming events section of our web site: 



We’ve had a steady flow of responses on our website letting us know what your priorities are for New England. These are the priorities which will form the policy platform I will take into the election – real representation focusing on the issues that are most important in our electorate.



The issue that is clearly emerging as one of the top priorities is the cluster of climate connected challenges. This is not surprising given the appalling drought and heatwave being experienced across NSW.

I just hope we’re not getting a taste of what’s to come if we don’t get onto this and pull our weight as a country.

There’s no single or quick fix but there is urgency. A real policy on climate change will address the future of farming as well as water, energy, mining and ecosystem services. It involves new infrastructure, workforce planning, education and finance. Without all of these elements coming together it will fail.

In contrast, our incumbent Federal Member thinks we need new coal-fired power stations! If you would like to read my thoughts on this proposal, National Party must come clean on energy pricing

I’d love to know what your priorities are. Is action on climate change one of your Top 3? Let me know by completing our survey, or making a more formal policy submission, at


Adam Blakester: Your Voice...Our Future



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