Pre-polling is now open - Help us get people to Vote #1 Adam Blakester


Pre-polling is now open.

Pre-polling opens in some parts of the electorate today and we face 2 major challenges

  1. how do we share the news quickly that there is a viable alternative, and

  2. where do we find the volunteers needed to staff both pre-polling and election day polling booths, to give us the best chance at success?

I can get the message out quickly and succinctly through advertising but that costs money we don’t currently have.

  • $200 allows us to advertise in mainstream media print
  • every $25 allows us to use social media to reach a small town or village.  

Importantly, sign up to help us staff every polling booth in the electorate and show voters we mean business

Your voice, our future and together we are stronger.

Adam Blakester
Independent Candidate for New England


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Authorised by George Mills, 
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