Paul Martin - Director if the Agriculture Law Faculty, UNE.

Paul Martin

Why voting for Adam Blakester in this election makes sense.

To vote for Adam involves two decisions. The first is the decision to vote for an independent candidate rather than for a party, and the second is to vote for Adam rather than another candidate.

Why vote for an independent in our electorate? A vote for an independent makes sense if you look at what the major parties are putting forward as their policies, and you realise that within the package that you will be voting for there are things that you just do not agree with. The policies of major parties are created through opinion polling, bargaining with many competing interests, and making (perhaps sometimes cynical) choices in an attempt to get as many of the party’s candidates in many seats ‘over the line’. It leads to strange bedfellows, and policy ‘cocktails’ that may not meet the needs of people in the New England. These are among the many reasons why people around Australia are deciding that following a party line is just not good enough for them – they want their elected representative to actually pursue what they want. So they are voting increasingly for independent candidates.

Why vote for Adam? Just have a look at what he has actually done for the people of New England already, and how he has gone about it, and compare this with any other candidate. He has been energetically involved on the frontline of fighting child abuse, and fighting for family welfare, with NAPCAN and with Families Australia (among others). He has shown his commitment to farmer environmental interests as a director of Lock the Gate, and to taking practical steps to make sustainable energy more available (and creating investment and employment in our region) through the award winning Farming the Sun programs. These created real energy businesses in NSW, that are pumping out power for rural communities. He has proven that he can run businesses, and proven his genuine commitment to the people of our region. He really does ‘walk the talk’ of being committed to the New England.

There are times when it is important to make a change, and now is one of those times. Adam will make a great representative for the people of the New England in our national parliament. That is why you should vote for him.

Note: this endorsement is not authorised or on behalf of my employer, the University of New England, which is committed to staff freedom of expression.