Liveability, Social & Community Infrastructure

Our communities should be vibrant centres focusing on quality of life supported by community, sporting, recreation and cultural facilities, programs and activities. Our communities – large and small – should be attractive options for new residents who choose to relocate here, as well as for our existing residents who should be able to enjoy the lifestyle of their choice through to their senior years. Continue reading

Essential Services, Fair Taxation & Finances

Fair taxation is essential to being able to fund the priorities outlined in this New England Policy Platform, and the Australia Government’s services more generally. This is key given that the Australian Government provides the majority of funding for State, Territory and Local Government services (such as health, education, policing, housing) and infrastructure. Continue reading

Water, Farming & Productive Landscapes

I aim to pursue the establishment of a national strategy and funding to support the future of farming which addresses nutrient, soil, water and climate systems, cycles and risks, land management education, environmental stewardship and succession planning - enabling new generations of farmers. This includes water security and the balanced and responsible use of this resource. It also includes support for farming as a vital industry in times of droughts, floods or other natural disasters. Continue reading


Adequate infrastructure is a vital component to regional development and to quality of life for local residents. Continue reading

Environmental Health & Resilience

Challenges relating to environmental health range from local to global. My aim is to work towards a healthier and more resilient environment in the New England Region and the nation, supporting Australia’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, a just transition for workers in the thermal coal sector, and at the same time addressing local issues such as air quality in Armidale and the Upper Hunter. Continue reading

First Peoples

I will seek support and funding that continue to strengthen the wellbeing, opportunities and respect for our First Peoples through Closing the Gap, truth telling and reconciliation. My aim is for Australia’s First People to be recognised for their substantial contribution to the development of our nation. Their ancient culture has formed a foundation that helps all Australians deeply connect with our beautiful and sacred country. Continue reading

International Relations, Defence & Security

Australia is a global citizen which must meet our humanitarian commitment - supporting developing countries and displaced citizens while at the same time recognising threats to our way of life. We must accept that our actions on the international stage have consequences, both positive and negative. Continue reading

Political & Public Governance

True representation is ethical, transparent and above all inclusive. I will establish processes which will enable our electorate to have a voice in our shared future. I will work to change the culture of Parliament to be collaborative, rather than combative, and to take leadership and make decisions in the best interests of our electorate and the country. I will support holding to account every individual who owes a responsibility to our people – politicians, public servants and contractors – through proper public governance, performance and accountability, including implementing the recommendations of Royal Commissions and independent reviews. Continue reading


Adequate connectivity through telecommunications is vital to the economic development of the region. I aim to support people’s ability to interconnect within and outside the New England Region, fostering a widespread sense of community and belonging. I support the New England region becoming a more connected community overall, through improving funding and structural development. Continue reading

Financial Wellbeing, Health and Security

The New England has a diverse and growing economy and population. We have a range of significant strengths and assets. At the same time, there are significant global and national changes which are affecting our region. To best ensure the financial security and wellbeing of our economy and people we need to continue to develop and diversity our economy as well as provide fair financial support and welfare as a safety net. Continue reading