Where do you stand regarding support for the dairy industry?

The Australian dairy industry has been seriously impacted by problematic terms of trade (domestic and international) as well as by the current drought.  The Australian Dairy industry is undertaking a planning process to develop an Australian Dairy Plan. It is anticipated that this will be finalised later in 2019. The plan references the Irish and New Zealand Dairy Plans, which have been implemented for some time and appear to be operating with a degree of success.   Adam will support local dairy operators to participate and influence the Australian Dairy Plan, and advocate for Australian Government action on the findings and recommendations. 

What is your view regarding live animal exports?

Adam is supportive of live animal exports so long as the strict Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock are being met. It is also key that there is transparent and rigorous compliance monitoring, regulation and reporting to demonstrate that these standards are being met.  This position is consistent with the recommendations from the Moss Review into Live Exports Regulatory Capability and Culture of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in Regulation of Live Animal Exports, September 2018.  Continue reading