Policy Platform

As an independent, Adam is truly able to represent the interests of the New England Electorate. This is one of the ways that an independent representative can have great influence ~ by working for and with the electorate on shared big priorities. We are strongest when we act together.

To do this properly, it is essential to know what the Electorate's policy priorities are. Over the course of the election campaign, Adam is creating a New England Policy Platform. A visual depiction of the policy-making process is below.

The New England Policies will be the biggest and most important priorities that are identified by the electorate and that can be backed-up with sound research, evidence and rationale. These are 'sensible centre' policies.

Please have your say to contribute your Top 3 Priorities or to make a policy submission.

The policies will be analysed to identify the Australian Government's role and responsibility, plus assessed for their feasibility to be advanced and achieved in the coming term of government and beyond.

The end result of this process will be the New England Policy Platform, which is what Adam will commit to work on as an independent Member of Parliament.

The full New England Policy Platform will be made publicly available in time for your voting. Individual policies, and specific policy positions, will be released during the campaign as they are completed.

Policy process map