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General Volunteer Information

Our volunteers are crucial to the Campaign in spreading the word and undertaking most of the public work associated with the campaign, such as dropping leaflets, fundraising, speaking about the campaign at events such as markets, undertaking duty at Pre-polling stations and on election day.

We want our volunteers to enjoy doing this, feel safe and respected, but also be respectful of people who have different views.

Our volunteers are also covered by our insurance.

The information below will help you.

Talking to people

Conversations with people should be safe and easy. We are not seeking to evangelise, debate or coerce. The campaign is about democracy, not politics, and encouraging people to have open discussions about policy and put their views forward.

Refer people to the website for information and Adam’s policy platform, but more importantly their ability to provide input and feedback.

You can also use the ‘Frequently Made Questions and Frequently Made Assertions’ on the website. Let us know what questions or assertions come up that we haven’t already addressed.

If engaging people at a market, do not approach them when they are engaged with a stall holder or in conversation with someone else. Be like a butterfly, landing gently in people’s space, not a bull!

If conversation becomes difficult, unsafe, conflicted, argumentative our preference is to thank the person for their time and leave them to work through the election issues in their own way.



At public events we will try and ensure there is more than one volunteer rostered on, so you have support, can take breaks as required, and if issues do arise there is someone else to assist you.

Campaign shirts will be supplied and we want you to wear them so you can be identified. However, in most instances we require you to give the shirt back at the end of your shift, as this is a campaign run on a very limited budget. 

At events there will be Volunteer Sign-up forms, so encourage people to provide their details if they are interested in the campaign.

If there is Wifi, people can be signed up through the website, via their smart phone or by using our iPads if available.

There is also an Attendance sheet (for events) that has a photo permission column.


Photo management

If you take great photos of Adam, or the team or any events, we would love them to be centralised to be able to be used by the campaign. You text them to 0412897306.