Water, Farming & Productive Landscapes

I aim to pursue the establishment of a national strategy and funding to support the future of farming which addresses nutrient, soil, water and climate systems, cycles and risks, land management education, environmental stewardship and succession planning - enabling new generations of farmers.

This includes water security and the balanced and responsible use of this resource. It also includes support for farming as a vital industry in times of droughts, floods or other natural disasters.

  • Create a regional advisory group to work together to ensure that there is adequate and effective emergency drought relief and support. These emergency measures will be linked to actions and commitments which are aligned with the future of farming (below) as is possible.
  • Determine what changes are required to restore trust and ensure the effective, efficient, transparent and accountable governance of water resources, particularly the Murray Darling Basin. This may require a Royal Commission. See also references to water governance below. Also:
    • support the re-instigation of an independent, national Water Commission and comprehensive, catchment-level governance
    • support the creation of a national strategy and system for water security, together with the national agriculture strategy (detailed below), including the following initiatives:
      • Assess the feasibility of further upgrades of Chaffey, Dungowan and Malpas dams
      • Support the completion of the Murrurundi town supply from Lake Glenbawn and the Manilla water treatment
      • Investigation of the impact of Werris Creek Mine on the Quipolly aquifer, and
    • support the creation of an expansive real-time, digital metering and monitoring systems to ensure transparency and enable citizen-science and decision-making.
  • Pursue the establishment of a national strategy and funding to support the future of farming which particularly addresses the following requirements:
    • development of value-added and high-value agricultural products and services
    • nutrient, soil, water, vegetation and climate systems, cycles and risks, (see also Mining for Energy Position Statement)
    • address the land-use conflicts and threats from mining*
    • land management education, extension and minimum requirements for essential experience and expertise,
    • environmental stewardship and biosecurity (funding, regulation), and
    • succession and enabling new generations of farmers.
    • Seek to establish a national approach to providing affordable, multi-peril insurance so as to mitigate the increasingly complex climate and environmental variability and risks.
  • *Refer also to: